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Bremen forms together with Bremerhaven the smallest German city state, and calls itself by its hisotrical name, "Free Hanseatic City". Even today, foreign trade takes a great importance in Bremen. Cotton is still traded as it was traditionally in this city state. In the centre of the city is the "Roland", a 5.50 meters high statue on the marketplace. Together with the town hall the Roland forms the UNESCO – World Heritage Site.

Around the marketplace there is the Dome St. Petri, the Ratskirche "Unsere Lieben Frauen", the building of the merchants also called "Schüttling" and the building of the Bremen Citizenship, only to name a few. The buildings of Bremen are affected by the Northern German brick gothic. For example, in the last part of the 20th century, buildings were constructed in the Bötcherstreet ("Schlachte"). In the 1990s the waterfront of the river Wesser was renovated and is home to many rich culinary eateries.

The most important cultural institutions are the Theater Bremen, which is host to the opera, operetta, theater and dance theater and was also distinguished as the "Opera of the Year'' in 2007. The Bremen Shakespeare Company, the "Bremer Kunsthalle" (museum of arts), and the "Überseemuseum" with its significant ethnology collection are also present. If you would like to explore Bremen, you should book a nice and affordable private accommodation in Bremen at

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Bremen sightseeing

Bremen Roland
Centre and the town's landmark of Bremen with the base and ciborium 10.20 meters high.
Bremen Cathedral
The downtown located church was built from the 11th to the 13th century and was enlarged by the chapels on the side in the 14th century. In the 16th century the northern side was reconstructed to a late gothic hall church.
Town hall
The town hall, which was 2004 together with the Roland appointed to a UNESCO – World Heritage Site is one of the most significant buildings of the gothic and seat of the senat, its president and the mayor.
Town Musicians of Bremen
A statue on the western side of the town hall is dedicated to the four animals of the similar named folktale by the Brothers Grimm.
The quarter in downtown is probably one of the oldest settlements of Bremen. It sheltered a large number of marine craft. Some of the street names have their name from this handcraft.

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