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The well-known town and state of Bremen is located about 300 kilometers from Dusseldorf and 400 miles from Berlin. In present times job mobility plays a great role. Especially for major companies it is important that their directly, or through individual sub-contractors sent employees arrive at the clients construction side. This group of persons is primarily assemblers for the many industrial plants. For this employee group the staff accommodation plays an important role, because it must be favorable of different point of views.

Looking for cheap staff accommodations - Bremen as an economic region in the north

If the working place is in proximity to Bremen or its surrounding environment, it is obvious to hire a staff accommodation in Bremen. In any case, the room should be conveniently and centrally located next to the motorway, because the commuting time to work should not be too time-consuming. On closer examination, quite a lot staff accommodations are offered in Bremen. Usually, there are fully equipped apartments, apartments for one or two people, or larger homes for several people. The facilities are completed with kitchen and television, and in each case it is indicated, whether the rooms welcome smokers or not.

Living in a staff accommodation - Bremen and its surrounding area

The surrounding area of Bremen, with the larger neighboring cities of Bremerhaven and Hamburg, is beautiful and for activities in one’s leisure time very interesting. In Bremen itself does not only attract the famous Bremen Town Musicians that originates from the Grimm's fairy tale, but also a lot of other sightseeings. In the market square one will find the landmark of Bremen, the Roland, which belongs together with the Town Hall to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The “Schnoorviertel” is a district from the Middle Ages, in which numerous buildings from the 17th and 18th Century have been preserved, and therefore became an evident of these times. The museum scene is diverse. Rest and relaxation can be found in one of the various parks in Bremen, such as the public park, which is the largest, privately funded city park in Germany. The Bremer ramparts are Germany's first public park. In the Rhododendron Park, at the appropriate time of year, one cannot only marvel at a blooming brilliance, also the Botanical Garden is located here. Find a large selection of staff accommodations to stay in Bremen by booking online on

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